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The Universal VacPan Rough-In Kit Facilitates Installation Under a Cabinet
Includes a 3-Foot Piece of Flexible Hose, a Low-Profile Elbow, and Two Hose Clamps
When Connections are Complete, the VacPan is Slid Into Place and Fastened to the Toe Kick


The VacPan Rough-In Kit facilitates installation under a cabinet. The kit includes a three-foot piece of flexible hose, low profile elbow, and two hose clamps. The low-profile elbow connects to the top of the VacPan. The flexible elbow allows all connections to be made when the VacPan is outside of the cabinet. When connections are complete, the VacPan is slid into place and fastened to the toe kick. If the VacPan needs to be serviced in the future, the process is reversed.