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The famous Automatic Dust Pan,VacPan,in simulated Stainless Steel finish.
An automatic dustpan for your existing or new construction central vacuum system.
Easily sweep away dry debris with a touch of the toe switch.
Requires additional fittings to suite your installation needs.
Retrofit requires re-tubing of an existing vacuum system - experienced/skilled DIYer or professional level installation.


An automatic dust pan inlet for your existing central vacuum system, or new construction. Allows the sweeping up of dry debris messes right into your central vacuum system with a quick press of the toe switch. Typically mounted under a cabinet kick space and tubed over to existing central vacuum system tubing. Or mount it wherever you need this automatic dustpan capability - entry way, bathroom, etc. Requires additional fittings for installation, as dictated by your current system and proximity to existing tubing. This simulated stainless steel unit has a simulated stainless steel finish face plate that will show from under your cabinet kickspace.